Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur who is READY to reap the rewards
of building an ACTUAL business around your expertise?

FINALLY! Sales and Business Training for the Heart-Centered Entrepreneur that Gets Your Blessing Out Into the World, Pays You Handsomely AND
(Most Importantly) is FUN!

Yes you CAN build a profitable, sustainable business around your brilliance --
and it doesn't have to take 80-hour work weeks, tons of start-up money,
or doing things that feel slimy or inauthentic.

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lisa sasevich

From: Lisa Sasevich
La Jolla, CA, USA
Wednesday, 8:30 a.m.

Dear Heart-Centered Entrepreneur,

Look I get it, you started your business not necessarily because you wanted a business but because you wanted the RESULTS of having a business.


  • Getting your brilliance out into the world

  • Doing your part to transform the world and leave it a better place

  • Making good money so you can do what you want in life (i.e.. provide for your family, live in your dream house, take vacations around the world, pay for your children's college, sleep easily because your retirement is secure)

  • Have the time and freedom to live your life the way you choose (i.e. designing your business around watching your children's soccer games, enjoying the "laptop" lifestyle, working when you want, where you want)

All sounds peachy, doesn't it?

The problem is, even though you LOVE what you do, you really DON'T love selling it. And most sales trainings teach arm-twisting, uncomfortable tactics that really feel salesy and inauthentic to you.

So, what do you do? Do you muddle through it on your own? Or do you let ME personally walk you though how to build a successful, sustainable, profitable AND enjoyable business because NOW you know how to sell!

This is for you if you're:

  • One of the many people who put everything you know into a $19 book or a $97 product and now you're trying to figure out how to make money from it
  • Ready to break 6-figures doing what you love
  • Exhausted from endless one-on-one coaching sessions and you KNOW it's time for something more
  • Frustrated spending too many days a year on the road speaking or consulting and you're finally ready to build a suite of high-level back-end products and services
  • Wanting to get your hands on a proven system when it comes to building your business
  • READY to create a lifestyle business that you love! (And the best part? If you've identified your expertise or know you have some specific knowledge others would benefit from, you've already done the heavy lifting! You're 90% of the way there! At Impact & Influence you'll get that last 10% you need to package it and so you can make money and help people with what you know.)

If this sounds familiar, then my "Impact & Influence" ULTIMATE Sales Bootcamp for the Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Home Study Training is PERFECT for you.

During my LAST EVER SOLD OUT live event, I walked attendees though EXACTLY what I did to build a multi-million dollar business from scratch, from home over a 3-year period. PLUS I shared the SAME systems and processes I've taught to HUNDREDS of my private mentorship students and they TOO have experienced BIG success from their business.

While it's too late to join me live, it's NOT too late to get your hands on this important and business-transformational training.

I WANT this for you too -- this really CAN be your reality:

  • I've been blessed with a multi-million-plus home-based business built around my talents and passion. I absolutely love what I do and I wake up every morning eager to share what I love with the world.
  • I get to work daily with the most fantastic team that supports me and gives me the opportunity to reach as many people as possible while still saving time to be a "mom" and have a life. (While I do tend to push it harder during launches, I don't HAVE TO work 80-hour lake powellweeks to reach the number of people I'm reaching.)
  • I'm able to spend plenty of "family" time with my 2 beautiful children (including taking some really fantastic trips like spending a week in August on a houseboat in Lake Powell, where I gifted 9 members of my family the trip of a lifetime!)

And I want to do the same for YOU. I want YOU to have what I have - YOUR VERSION of a business you love, a life you love and the opportunity to become the biggest possible YOU!

Now before I tell you what you will get from my all new home training program, let me share with you what WON'T happen...

  • This is NOT just another "event." I've broken down everything I've done in the last 3 years to build my business to $4 million plus, laid it out in a systematized plan and am sharing it with YOU so you can duplicate YOUR VERSION of my success and build a profitable and sustainable business.

  • Now I WILL have a few guests who I've hand-selected because either they were an integral part of MY success or because what they teach is so important I wanted to share them with you. If you've ever been to one of my events or have heard about them, you know 80% of the time I'm the one teaching, so you know you're going to get a lot of ME.

So let's get to the fun stuff and talk about what you ARE going to walk away with from Impact and Influence.

Here are just a few of the "Aha's!" you'll discover with this home training program based on this amazing event:

  • Get to the heart of the value you offer and the EXACT words to describe what you do. Do you know what you're supposed to be sharing with the world right now? Really know? Not just what your parents told you or your teachers or your spouse or anyone else but YOUR unique gifts (or mission)? Well you're going to get walked through the SAME process that I went through to discover MY mission and gain clarity on how to express the unique transformation (and my business SOARED after I embraced this.)

  • Once you know what your blessing/expertise/unique transformation is, how do you build your business around it? This is what I'm going to share with you -- what you need to do to "get on your dime" and start making money with your "thing".

  • Now that you've started making money with your expertise, how do you leverage it? How do you stop working yourself to the bone seeing clients one-on-one and instead leverage your offerings into packages and programs? You're going to learn how to expand your reach from 1:1 so you can save time, make more money and make a bigger difference.

  • Next you're going to learn how to transform those products and programs into a sustainable, scalable, salable business. THIS is where the rubber meets the road -- once you know this you'll be on your way to building a successful, profitable business. (And the BEST part is your successful, profitable business will be built around your knowledge and expertise! Isn't that what you've always dreamed about?)

  • Now it's time for my favorite part -- SELLING your offerings. There's only so far your business is going to go if you don't how to SELL. And I know a little something about selling. :-) I'm going to teach you how to be paid handsomely for your expertise, use the Invisible Close in a variety of selling situations and sell more than you ever dreamed possible. (Plus, you're also going to learn my proven, 5-step High-Ticket Selling System so you can easily attract and convert more high level, action taking clients and make a lot more money FAST!)

  • We've done LOTS of work on the structure of your business and your "outer game," but what about the INTERNAL part? Your mindset, your blocks, your habits, how you use your time, etc. We're going to delve into ALL of that so you're ready to IMMEDIATELY step into your power as the owner of profitable, successful business.

So, to summarize, you're going to learn EVERYTHING you need to Position, Package and Sell your expertise...without being Salesy!

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Impact & Influence is YOUR Ticket To Building a Successful, Sustainable Business Around YOUR Expertise so You Can Make BIG Money While Making a BIG Difference


You're about to learn my clear, PROVEN, 5-STEP plan which teaches you EXACTLY how to make money with your expertise, in the comfort of your home while you create an upward spiral of Highly-Invested, Highly-Committed, Action-Taking Clients...FAST

Whether you're a newbie at this or an experienced marketer, you'll discover strategies and tips designed to help you attract those high-ticket clients again and again. All you need to do is follow my paint-by-numbers system to see these results in YOUR business.

This is the ALL NEW and UPDATED. After all, you already know things have changed. Pushy old sales methods don't have the same impact. That's why you need the NEW and IMPROVED system that is working NOW.

Here's just a SAMPLING of what you'll discover when you dig into this system:

Set Yourself Up For Success
Discover Lisa's favorite spiritual laws and foundational prosperity principles


prosperityWhat happens when you build a house on a cracked slab? At best, it's pretty shaky – at worst it collapses. Well, it's the same thing for your business. If you don't set yourself up for success right from the start, you're building your business on a cracked and flawed foundation.

That's why I get you started off right so you can build your business on a solid, lasting foundation.

You'll also learn:

  • My journey from corporate employee to a heart-centered and multi-million dollar entrepreneur with two toddlers in tow.

  • 5 powerful lessons you'll be able to immediately takeaway from my journey and use to shorten your own personal path to success.

  • What does it really mean to Live Sassy and how embracing this transformed my business and can do the same for yours.

  • And more


Step 1: Lisa's "Get on Your Dime" Workshop
Discover your Offer and the Unique Transformation only YOU can provide!


offerLet's face it. If you are not crystal clear about the transformation your clients will get as a result of working with you, you'll be hard pressed to get them to invest with you. At long last, you will FINALLY have the words to say what you do and to powerfully communicate the value you provide so your ideal prospects get how unique and special your work is.

You'll also learn:

What IS and is NOT an offer (if you're having trouble getting your prospective clients to commit, then you've been doing this all wrong – clarifying your offer ALONE could completely transform your entire business).

• How clarifying your offer will give you powerful language to use on stage, on the phone, or ANYWHERE your ideal prospects are!

3 questions to ask yourself that will make putting your offer together an absolute no-brainer (you'll be amazed at how easy I make this for you).

• What super-contributors like Oprah, Tony Robbins and other biggies did (and quite frankly, never stop doing) to make sure they are "on their dime" and living their mission and their blessings PLUS how you can do the same...easily.

• And more


Tim Stenros

"I can't thank Lisa enough for the transformation she has brought into my life and business."

"As a result of what I learned at Impact & Influence, I was able to make my first 3 high ticket sales (with long term recurring revenue) within one week of the event. And now I know exactly how to handle the leads that are coming into my new business, to convert them into eagerly paying clients in a totally non-salesy, empowering way. I can't thank Lisa enough for the transformation she has brought into my life and business. If you have a chance to get your hands on this training...don't even waste time thinking about it...DIVE IN WITH BOTH FEET and hit the ground running! I don't know of any other way you can achieve these kinds of results faster, while staying in integrity, feeling good about the difference you are making...and loving every minute of your life! Thank you so much Lisa!"

Tim Stenros
Build Your Marketing Presence Guru


john assaraf

"Lisa is the hottest ticket in the market..."

"Lisa is the hottest ticket in the market if you want to significantly increase your sales and revenues from teleseminars, webinars or on the stage. She gets smack into the psychology of making the sales by presenting your products or services in a way that puts you in control and your prospects wanting to buy. If anyone buys Lisa's material, uses it and it doesn't work better than the traditional methods out there...they must be presenting to a dead prospect!"

John Assaraf,
CEO, NeuroGym



melanie benson strick

"You have to get your hands on Lisa's work."

"Lisa Sasevich is the undisputed expert on how to take your message to stages and teleseminars in an authentic way that gets big results. The first time I saw Lisa speak I watched in awe as over half the room rushed to the back tables to buy her packages. Once I learned a few of her tips, I saw an immediate increase in my sales and the quality of client I attracted. If you're looking to create hunger and desire in your audience and you want them to invest in your programs on-the-spot, you have to get your hands on Lisa's work!"

Ali Brown
CEO, Ali International


Step 2: Discover Your Unique Branded System
And own your place in the market


danceHow would you like to:

• Serve more clients in less time
• Make WAY more money
• Sell your services more powerfully and effortlessly?

Well listen up because THIS is the module you've been waiting for! Discovering your Unique Branded System is the KEY to making more money with less effort while making a HUGE difference getting your blessing in the world. (In fact, once you finish with this module, you'll see how easy it is to increase your fees 10-50 times.)

So what is a Unique Branded System (UBS)? In a nutshell, it's a way to package your content so that people want to invest with you. In fact, you may find that once your UBS is in place, they become HUNGRY to invest with you! It's your one-on-one service packaged in such a way that your ideal clients easily grasp what you do. Best yet, in many cases, you can then take this and sell it as a group program. (This is the secret for moving from one-on-one service situations into leveraged group programs.)

You'll also learn:

• My 5-step DANCE system that will help you define your process so you DANCE all the way to the bank.

• Think this doesn't apply to you and that your service NEEDS to be delivered ONE-ON-ONE? THINK AGAIN! I'll give you 3 simple steps to get you started. (And yes, no matter how unique you think what you do is, there is a way to pull pieces of it out and teach it 1-to-many. I'll show you how.)

• How do you sell it once you create it? No worries, you'll learn my 3 step method to turning your system into a client-attraction magnet.

• Are you going to be a service provider or a trainer? What's the difference and how you can be BOTH (if you want to).

• And more

Step 3: Design, Package & Price Your High-Ticket Program(s)
How to add a PROVEN income stream that puts consistent cash flow in your pocket and lets you serve your clients at the highest level!


get started todayNow that you have your offer and your Unique Branded System, you're ready to build consistent, high-ticket income into your business. You'll be thrilled to see how easy we'll make it for you to Package and Price your new or existing system so the deep value of what you provide is obvious to your ideal clients and they are HAPPY to pay for it.

I'll also show you my personal Leveraged Progression Plan that has allowed me to grow my business from zero to a multi-million-plus home-based company in just 3 short years while enjoying steady cash flow. You won't believe how easy and effortless it can be to shift from being the low-cost leader to the high-ticket expert and from the one-to-one business model to a LEVERAGED business model so you can reclaim your life and your power!

If you're sick and tired of the feast or famine income cycle, putting your High-Ticket program or Leveraged Progression Plan in place will likely be the key to having more income you can rely on.

You'll also learn:

• The 4 Discovery Methods your Leveraged Progression Plan needs. This is how people DISCOVER YOU! (Don't follow this and you could find yourself spinning your wheels because you keep recreating the wheel!)

• The exact marketing pieces you need to support your Leveraged Progression Plan (You'll be prepared to engage new prospective clients no matter where or when you meet them!) Tons of samples included.

• What's your "low hanging fruit?" (I bet big bucks you're not capitalizing on it, so you're missing 
A LOT of easy money.)

• How to "rinse and repeat" so you serve more clients and make more money with less time and effort on your part.

• EXACTLY how to go from 1:1 to group coaching models so you can help more people and make way more money.

• How to add group models to your existing income streams WITHOUT disrupting your current business (ahhh -- you'll be able to sleep well at night once you know this)

• Lisa's surprising simple methods for packaging and pricing your work so it makes sense to you and more importantly, to those clients who need you!

• And more

bob burnham

"It's like being given a license to print money."

"I've had many quantum leaps in my business since I started working with Lisa but the one that has had the biggest, quickest and most dramatic impact is Lisa's high-ticket selling system. Lisa taught me as well as gave me a script that I took and used word for word. I'm now closing clients into my high ticket programs with one simple phone call. It's like being given a license to print money."

Bob Burnham
Expert Author Publisher


Melissa Toler

"I just added a 1 in front of my previous price."

"I created my 5 step process (the next day!) and within 3 days of sharing my new system and prices I had my first client in my high-ticket coaching program. (I just added a 1 in front of my previous price, just like Lisa suggested at Impact & Influence!)"

Melissa Toler
Lifestyle & Wellness Coach


Step 4: High-Ticket Sales Conversion Secrets
Lisa's hottest new training on Up-Sells, Cross-sells and how to Unsell!


lisa sasevichAhhh... now for my favorite part!

• How to Up-Sell
• How to Cross-Sell
• How to Un-Sell

This is the secret sauce to turning interested prospects into invested clients. And yes, they invest on-the-spot!

You'll also learn:

• Why you should make an offer (the answer might surprise you).

• How to embrace the mindset behind the money. And be freed up to unabashedly promote without being "salesy".

• My personal sales progression (or how I built my sales mojo from making $3,000 offers to $100,000 offers, and how you can do the same).

• 4 simple steps to designing your irresistible offer.

• My secret formula for creating HOT BONUSES easily and effortlessly! (Hint – it's not always about creating new material. Get ready to save a TON of time!)

• 3 easy ways to add urgency to your offer, so your prospects can't wait to invest NOW.

• Lisa's PROVEN High-Ticket Selling Secrets. How do you think I made the Inc500 Fastest Growing Private Company list for two consecutive years?

• And much more


"Lisa's class was a life changing investment."

"Lisa's class was a life changing investment. I had been struggling for nearly a decade to share my message and service while making a living. Lisa's class and coaching helped me cross that threshold in a way that allowed me to stay authentic and easily work with others while also experiencing financial success and sustainability. Thank you Lisa!"

Core Happiness Coach


Kate Beeders

"It's the gift that keeps on giving."

"I didn't think I'd be writing you this soon. But here I am. Your event was awesome, fabulous, and wonderful. It's the gift that keeps on giving. I'm used to being able to help my clients' income increase quickly, but it's rare to find someone who can help me get the same results. It's been 6 weeks since the event and my business has doubled!!! And it's continuing to grow!!! Thank you so much."

Kate Beeders
Success Coach


Step 5: Create Consistent Cash Flow
Make More by Doing LESS, Expand your reach and work SMARTER, not harder.


work smarter, not harderHere's the bottom line. You are either going to drive yourself crazy creating new products and programs for a stagnant group of prospects, or you are going to get creative and learn how to consistently expand your reach so that fresh new prospective clients who need you are being exposed to your great work all the time...even while you sleep.

It's all about working smarter, not harder. And although that may sound like a cliche, it doesn't have to be. Because at Impact & Influence you're going to learn exactly how it's done! Plus you're also going to learn:

• Clever ways to rid yourself of mindset blocks that keep you stuck in the same pond instead of venturing into the ocean of people who need you badly.

• The #1 tool you can start using right away to create a steady stream of qualified, interested prospects seeking you out, 24/7.

• How to invite pursuit and move people who woke up never having heard your name into high-ticket clients who are pursuing YOU, instead of the other way around.

My secrets on getting it all done (AND spend precious time with my two small children).

• How you can be both wealthy AND spiritual so you can keep making choices that are truly in your highest good (and in most cases are more efficient too!).

• And MUCH more



lisa cherney"The most critical, business-transforming
techniques I have ever seen!"

"As a marketing expert myself, I was hesitant (and a bit embarrassed) about hiring someone to help me with my sales. Could she really tell me something I hadn't told my clients thousands of times? The short answer is, "Hell yes!" After nine successful years in business, helping others market their gifts, my eyes were opened to a whole new way of positioning myself and my product that I could never have seen without Lisa's help. The saying goes, "You don't know, what you don't know." Well, have no fear, because Lisa knows. She is the expert's expert!"

Lisa Cherney
Marketing Expert

So now you may be wondering, "Lisa, how EXACTLY
are you going to teach me to..."

  • Get on my Dime

  • Discover my Unique Branded System

  • Design, Package & Price my High-Ticket Program

  • Upsell, Cross-Sell and even Un-Sell...without being Salesy

  • Expand my Reach and Create consistent Cash-Flow!

so that I can create an upward spiral of consistent results and the ability to get out there and make a difference doing what I love?

Valid question!

Here's my answer...

I designed this 3-day training to go much deeper than one of those multi-speaker, pitch-a-thon events thats all about selling you program after program on the hour. This is a deep dish training with me, teaching you, exactly how I've build my business to the multi-million dollar level from home over that last 3-years, doing what I love and with a very small team.

get started now

But that's not all! You're also going to be getting these BIG bonuses:

Bonus #1: My Advanced Offer Communication Package -- In this training, which includes both audio and my now world famous Offer Communication Worksheet, you will be able to get crystal clear about the transformation you offer your clients and the exact words to use to communicate it. (This alone can start to transform your speaking and sales results immediately.)

Bonus #2: My Invisible Close ACTION Sales System

actionYes! This is THE system we use for turning interested prospects into invested clients on-the-spot, even if they've never heard my name. The only way to get your hands on this training is at this event or to become a member of my exclusive year-long mastermind program with people who have invested in themselves at a very high level to turn their business into a money machine that makes a difference! You will learn step-by-step how to take someone from cold-to-sold on the phone and have both you and them feel great about the interaction. Value - Pricele$$



Bonus #3: A FREE ticket to my "Ultimate Sales Bootcamp", October 12-14, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. ($3000 value)

Get Ready to Step into the Spotlight with a Talk that you Love, Offers that Sell and the Confidence that comes with being Ready!

Join us October 12-14, 2017 for Ultimate Sales Bootcamp in Las Vegas, NV!

Speak-to-SellIn just three days, you're going to walk away with:

  • Crafting your irresistible offer.

  • Reverse engineering the body of your talk so you create instant trust and credibility.

  • Seeding your talk so that you are creating hunger and desire in your audience from the very beginning!

  • Transitioning to your offer in a way that feels good to you and to your audience.

  • Maximizing each opportunity so that every time you speak you enjoy new clients, great money AND a whole slew of additional results beyond that that most speakers miss.

So, to summarize, you're going to learn EVERYTHING you need to Position, Package and Sell your expertise...without being Salesy!

October 12-14, 2017
Las Vegas, NV
Thursday: 8:30 AM - 7:30 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Join us Monday evening, October 9th, for Pre-registration and an informal networking get-together if you can!

Plus, we will have a very attractive group rate at the host hotel.


Eva Love

"I more than doubled my income in one month."

"I was inspired to offer my private work (a difference curriculum from the retreats) in a virtual group program. I raised my prices for my private work, offered my group program to the students at our weekend retreat and more than doubled my income in one month. I am thrilled!!"

Eva Love
Relationship Coach


robert allen

"I could have earned extra millions
with Lisa's system."

"Hi, my name is Robert Allen, author of some New York Times Bestsellers you might have heard of....Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, The One Minute books have sold in the millions and I've been teaching people how to create multiple streams of income for over 30 years.

One of my favorite streams is exactly what Lisa Sasevich is teaching so brilliantly.  I  call it Info-Preneuring...being an information entrepreneur.  Lisa calls it how to make Big, Fast Money from your expertise without being salesy.  I think I like HER title better.  

 I wish I'd had Lisa's incredible system when I got started.  It would have cut years off my success journey and saved me a fortune in mistakes.  Not to mention the extra millions I could have earned.

How can I say this strongly enough? If you want to make BIG, FAST money from your expertise...don't miss this upcoming seminar!!!!!!!"

Robert Allen
Best-selling Author


To recap, here's what you'll get with your ticket to "Impact & Influence"

  • The COMPLETE training -- All online for your convenience.

  • Bonus #1: Lisa's Advanced Offer Communication Training - transform your speaking and sales results immediately.

  • Bonus #2: Lisa's Invisible Close ACTION Sales System - turn interested prospects into invested clients on-the-spot

  • Bonus #3: A FREE ticket to my "Ultimate Sales Bootcamp", ($3000 value)

So what's all of this going to cost me?

moneyThe ticket to the event alone retails for $3,000. Add in the bonuses and it's over a $4,000 value.

But you're not going to pay that.

For a LIMITED time, you can get EVERYTHING you see – the complete home study training PLUS a ticket to my "Ultimate Sales Bootcamp" event in October -- for $1997.

Is it worth $3,000? Well, let me ask you this. What would it be worth to you to make 6-figures? Or 7-figures? Would you pay $3,000 to make $100,000? To make a $1,000,000? (I sure hope so.)

That's the potential you're walking away from if you miss this training.

Lisa's Dad

Now for the practical. (You can thank my Dad for my practical side.) My events are KNOWN for their first-class networking. Now, it's too late for my 2013 Impact & Influence event but you can STILL take part in some of the best networking anywhere at my Ultimate Sales Bootcamp event in San Diego..

If you walked away from that event with one new client OR one new joint venture opportunity OR one more affiliate relationship, do you think THAT would more than pay for your ticket?



Plus you're protected by my "I Love This Training" Guarantee

guaranteeWe're confident that you will be thrilled with my High Ticket Selling Bootcamp. We also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will have a life-transforming experience.

Just to back that up, we'll give you 30 days from the date of your purchase to live with the work and REALLY decide if it's for you... in your heart. If you decide it's not for you... just let us know in 30 days, return the product in resalable condition, and get a full refund of your course tuition. No reason needed.

So are you ready to reserve your space?

checkYes Lisa! I'm Ready To Get My "Impact & Influence" High Ticket Selling Bootcamp!

I understand I'm going to get...

  • The COMPLETE training -- All online access so you can start now!

  • Bonus #1: My Advanced Offer Communication package - transform your speaking and sales results immediately.

  • Bonus #2: Your Invisible Close ACTION Sales System - to turn interested prospects into highly invested clients on-the-spot.

  • Bonus #3: A FREE ticket to your "Ultimate Sales Bootcamp", ($3000 value)

Plus I know I'm protected by Lisa's Sassy "I love this training" Guarantee.


$1997 (Best Offer)

register now



4 payments of $597
* processed in 21 day increments.

register now


credit cards

Rest easy – your order will be processed on secure servers.

*Sales tax added for CA orders.


So are you ready to start making big money doing what you love?


Lisa Sasevich

P.S. Look, let me be honest here. It doesn't matter to me if you invest in this training or not. It DOES, however, matter to me that you MAKE A DECISION about it before you jump off this page. Please don't let this be one more thing you need to "think about." Nothing will keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions. So YES or NO, trust that and move forward. If YES, Reserve your spot and learn my secrets for building a multi-million-dollar business.

Ready to reserve your spot? Or do you still have a few questions?

1) My expertise doesn't help people make money, can you still help me learn how to package and make high-ticket offers?

I get this question a lot. And you'll be happy to know that YES, this system works just as powerfully for animal communicators as it does for sales trainers. In other words, you don't need to be showing people how to make money to enjoy big high-ticket sales results. Really!

And while many people are "strapped for money," you'll see they will part with their money to solve a pain they are tired of. I see it all the time. People say they can't afford something to one person, and then turn around and buy a $300 purse or take a trip to Vegas. It's all about people's priorities, and I will show you how to package your offer so the people who have the pain you solve will understand you have the solution to transform that.

2) What if I'm just getting started and I'm not totally clear on my brand yet? Should I attend?

Absolutely! In fact, this is the BEST time to attend. What better way to figure out what your brand IS then by seeing what your ideal clients are attracted to?

I find that the way most entrepreneurs go about branding themselves is completely backwards. They sit by themselves in front of their computers and try and figure out what they stand for. Then they spend all sorts of money branding themselves only to find out later that's not what their ideal clients are really interested in -- so they have to start over.

If you test out your brand through our simple high-ticket selling model, you can get real-world feedback on what works and what doesn't BEFORE you spend all that money branding yourself. (Isn't THAT a big relief!)

3) What if I don't have any products or programs to sell yet -- is this for me?

That's the beauty of what I teach. You can start by selling anything -- even one-on-one coaching packages. That's how I started.

Best yet, eventually you'll be able to use our model to create your first product or program. Imagine -- being paid to create a product!

4) Am I going to be scripting my Irresistible Offers word-for-word?

I am SO glad you asked this. And the answer is NO.

You will learn exactly how to STRUCTURE your Irresistible Offer and the conversation that leads up to it.

I'm going to teach you my winning formula for structuring your conversation so you're in the moment and can be yourself and spread your gifts AND still sell because the structure does the selling! You're going to walk away knowing exactly what you need to do to give, give, give and STILL sell WITHOUT sounding salesy!

5) Can you explain how the pre-course bonus training works?

Absolutely. This is what I'm most excited about because your training starts the moment you register! You can dig in and get a head start packaging your expertise (and may be even start using pieces of what you discover in our pre-work to increase your sales before you even get to the event).

As soon as you reserve your space, you'll immediately receive:

* My Offer Communication worksheet and training designed to finally get you crystal clear on the unique transformation you provide and the words to express it

* My complete training on discovering your Unique Branded System. This was one of the keys to my business skyrocketing to the multi-million dollar level last year.

To get the MOST out of the bootcamp, I highly encourage you to go through the pre-training work as much as possible BEFORE we get started.

cathy fisher

"I gained a 3 year contract."

"I launched Quistem, have my first speaking engagement introducing this new venture to my target market on 11/12/13 and have increased my income for the last 2 months of 2013 by 200% through more clients saying "yes" to my offerings. I also gained a 3 year contract with a huge international client."

Cathy Fisher
Quality Improvement Strategist


lori dawson

"I have new group programs that will leverage my time."

"I have new group programs that will leverage my time and give me my life back. I will continue to offer a private mentorship program ... but the investment is now $30,000 for 90 days. This includes a 2-day "deep dive" assessment of the company, focused on: Marketing, People, Systems & Capital."

Lori Dawson
The Savvy Business Coach


If you want your prospective clients to start taking decisive action and investing in your programs, you need to do the same! Join me and get behind the curtain on how high-ticket selling can set you free…

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About Lisa Sasevich

lisa sasevich


Honored as the 2013 Extraordinary Entrepreneur of the Year by Women Online Magazine, recipient of the coveted eWomen Network Foundation Champion award for her generous fundraising, and ranked on the prestigious Inc. 500/5000 list of America's Fastest Growing Private Companies for last 2 years, Lisa Sasevich "The Queen of Sales Conversion" teaches experts who are making a difference how to get their message out and enjoy massive results, without being salesy.

Recognized as a sales expert by Success Magazine, Lisa delivers high-impact sales-closing strategies for turbo-charging entrepreneurs and small business owners to achieve great profits.



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